Technology set up for The Truth About Edith

Throughout the game, you will use Zoom to hear/see/collaborate with your teammates and an internet browser to navigate to various mysterious and puzzle-filled websites! You will need to use either Chrome or Firefox for the internet browser.


Each player will need a computer/laptop or an iPad in order to play. If you have both, we highly recommend using the computer/laptop for the internet browser and the iPad for the Zoom call component. While the full game is accessible on iPad, we find it a bit harder to navigate and not quite as immersive as playing on desktop computer or laptop. In particular, it can be cumbersome on iPad to switch back and forth between Zoom and the internet browser. If you do plan to use an iPad, please download the Chrome and Zoom apps.


There are many possible configurations to help you see your teammates faces through Zoom and the puzzles you're working on through the internet browser at the same time:

  1. One computer/laptop with both windows open, each taking up part of the screen. See the slideshow below for tips on minimizing windows so they can both appear on your screen.

  2. The internet window open on a computer and the Zoom call on a secondary device (eg. phone or tablet).

  3. The Chrome app open on an iPad and Zoom on a secondary device (eg. phone or another tablet).

  4. The Chrome app and Zoom app both open on an iPad. 


Multiple people are welcome to share devices and play as one player. You can use any of the device configurations above.

If two people in the same house are playing as different players, they will each need their own computer or iPad. If these 2 players are playing in the same room, you will want to use one of the following set ups to avoid echo/feedback:

  1. Each player is using one device for both Zoom and internet. One player has headphones connected to their device so that all audio coming out of device goes into headphones.

  2. Two players share a screen that is connected to Zoom (this can be a phone or tablet) and then each use their own computer or iPad for the part of the game that takes place on websites using the internet browser. 



In order to enjoy the game to it's fullest, you'll want to be comfortable with 

  • Copying and pasting or typing a website address in a browser window

  • Opening multiple tabs in a browser window

    • On mac: hold command and press T​

    • On PC: hold Ctrl and press T

  • Minimizing the Zoom window and the browser window so that each only takes up part of your screen. This only applies to players using only one device for both the Zoom and the internet browser. This allows you to see both your teammates and the puzzles throughout the game. 


The tech primer below will demonstrate how to do those things. It may take a moment to load. If it doesn't load, check to make sure you are using a computer, laptop or iPad and that you are using either Chrome or Firefox. 

If you have any questions or concerns about using the technology, please don't hesitate to email

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