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The Games

Secrets of the Deep
Up to 8 players | Escape Rate: 58%
Difficulty level: Moderate

Since you were a young child, you’ve been obsessed with the Sirens of the Golden Inlet. You grew up hearing tales of sailors, pirates, and brave explorers who went in search of their infamous treasure, never to be seen again. Legend tells these beautiful but heartless creatures guard their immortality orb deep in their underwater lair. You and your crew have come in search of it. Can you seize their treasure before they lull you to a watery grave?

The cats are out of the bag!
Up to 8 players | Escape Rate: 42% 
Difficulty level: Moderate-Challenging

Your neighbor Mrs. Humphreys has always been a little bit of an odd-ball. I mean, she does have 24 cats, after all! But she's been acting stranger than normal lately, complaining about things being out of place and feeling like someone's watching her. She's decided to take the whole feline family to the vet for a check-up, buying you time to snoop around the house undisturbed. But you'll have to be quick- you only have one hour to get to the bottom of this!

Choose a side
Up to 6 players (at least 3 players highly recommended!)
Escape rate: 35%
Difficulty level: Challenging

There have long been rumors and murmurs of a fierce rivalry between the witch and the warlock of the enchanted Hawthorne Forest. Locals advise never to step foot in the haunted woods, but you don't believe in the paranormal...


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